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It is always advisable to buy heating systems that have high energy ratings. It is important to look for the HSPF rating and the operating temperature of the appliances. The high ratings ensure that your appliance is durable and efficient in the long run.
Air Circulation
The time taken for a heat pump system to heat or cool a designated area depends on the air circulation of the system. A higher air circulation rating means less time required for heating or cooling. For instance, a 12000 BTU heat pump can normally cover an area of 700-800 square feet. Whereas, a higher circulation rating, such as 500 cubic feet per minute, can cover a space equal to or smaller than 1000 square feet.
Operating Temperature
Most systems generally operate up to -15 degrees Celsius. We have LG systems that can function efficiently up to -25 degrees Celsius. Even if there is a sudden drop in the outside temperature, you can be worry-free, as your heat pump will continue working without any issues.
Noise Level
If your heating system is very noisy, then your comfort may be compromised and you may not be able to use it frequently. But most people don’t consider this factor and rather stress the energy efficiency while purchasing a heat pump system.

When it comes to our heat pump systems, you can get appliances that are noiseless and save energy at the same time. Our featured heat pumps operate quietly at a noise level of just 17db, the same as that in a library.

For more information on what to consider before buying heat pumps, contact us today.

Financing Options

We offer to finance the purchase of your heat pump system.

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